SBIG STC-7 冷卻天文相機 (預訂款) (官方授權臺灣總代理)


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SBIG STC-7 冷卻天文相機 (預訂款) (官方授權臺灣總代理)

High sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel IMX428 imaging sensor
Electronic global shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 sec.)




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Product Description


Take stunning astrophotos with this all-inclusive imaging package.  The SBIG STC-7 features an ultra-sensitive and low noise 7 megapixel cooled CMOS sensor, integrated 8 position filter wheel, plus a complete set of LRGB and narrowband filters, and an opaque filter for convenience in making dark frames.

You can easily connect the STC-7 to your telescope via either the front T-Thread mount or the included 2″ focuser adapter.  The integrated filter wheel design ensures minimal back-focus distance for maximum compatibility.

The STC-7 package also includes MaxIm LT for Windows – all the software you need to take images, calibrate, stack, and do essential image processing. Other software is supported via included ASCOM drivers.  Mac OS and Linux drivers are also available.

STC-7 Highlights
  • High sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel IMX428 imaging sensor
  • Electronic global shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 sec.)
  • High-speed USB 3.0 interface (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Downloads in under 50 milliseconds (depending on computer speed)
  • Stack Pro™ automatic in-camera sub-exposure stacking
  • Regulated two-stage cooling with delta ~ -30C
  • SmartCooling™ active temperature regulation to 0.1 degrees C for high calibration stability
  • Integrated 8-Position Filter Wheel with LRGB + Halpha, OIII, and SII filters, plus an opaque filter for dark frames
  • MaxIm LT control software
  • Multiplatform software API and sample code available
Third-Generation CMOS Image Sensor

The STC-7 represents a major step forward in imaging technology, utilizing the SONY IMX-428 CMOS imaging sensor.  Compared to our venerable STF-8300 CCD cameras, the STC-7 has higher sensitivity, lower read noise, and much faster readout.  It produces extremely clean images with few hot pixels.

Due to the extremely low read noise and fast readout, the STC-7 is best used with shorter sub-exposures than for comparable CCD cameras.  A typical sub-exposure will be only 30-60 seconds, versus 5-10 minutes, while still achieving the same or better noise performance and overall dynamic range after stacking.  This has many advantages including the ability to take unguided exposures without trailing.  It can also be used for lunar and planetary imaging at high resolution, given its high sensitivity, wide exposure range, and fast readout.

The STC-7 is compatible with most common telescopes, such as those having a focal length of 600 to 2500 mm. The camera’s pixel size is optimal for scopes from 1000 to 1600mm under good seeing conditions. Common refractors and small SCT scopes with focal reducer/field flatteners are well suited. Longer focal lengths can be used for lunar and planetary imaging.

Sensor Specifications:
  • SONY IMX428 CMOS imaging sensor
  • 3208 x 2200 pixels / 7.1 megapixel
  • 4.5 micron pixels
  • 17.6 mm diagonal
  • Peak QE 78%
  • Typical QE:
    • Red (635-700 nm) ~ 63%
    • Green (520-560 nm) ~ 78%
    • Blue (450-490 nm) ~ 75%
  • 12-bit A/D conversion with low-gain and high-gain modes
  • Very low read noise ~ 2.5e-
  • Very low dark current 0.1 e-/pixel/sec typical @ -5C
  • 80 dB dynamic range
The STC-7 supports several optional gain modes:
  • Low Gain
    • 12-bit data
    • Gain 5.5 e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 22,500 e-
    • Read Noise ~5 e-
  • Medium Gain
    • 12-bit data
    • Gain 2.45 e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 10,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 2.3 e-
  • High Gain
    • 12-bit data
    • Gain 1.2 e-/ADU
    • Full Well ~ 5,000 e-
    • Read Noise ~ 1.9 e-
Integrated Filter Wheel

The innovative integrated filter wheel is extremely compact, minimizing overall package size and back focus requirements.  The wheel accommodates 25.4 mm round, 2 mm thick optical filters.