Orion AG12 OTA 天文望遠鏡 (預訂款)

Orion AG12 OTA 天文望遠鏡 (預訂款)


Made in UK.

Our AG12 is by far the most popular model in the AG range of Newtonian Astrographs.




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Our AG12 is by far the most popular model in the AG range of Newtonian Astrographs.

Why is the AG12 so popular? Several reasons, all of them important to customers . . . It’s weight ensures its not too heavy to be used as a portable instrument, it travels incredibly well. No need for an observatory, you can easily position it on your mounting in a minute or so without any assistance. The performance will amaze you, we really mean this, it will amaze you. We have images taken with AG12’s which are often compared (not quite equalled but a very, very respectable offering) with professional telescopes of several metres aperture. Don’t believe us? Email us for some spectacular image links showing comparisons, you will believe us then.

We know why the AG12 is so good and, the amateurs, professionals who now own one, will tell you also. It’s the attention to detail and, the superb optics and their coatings, you won’t beat them, anywhere. AG12 Astroimager Mike Sidonio explains a few things here which might shed a little more light on the subject.

Rather than us explain the merits of an AG12, we will let the images speak for the telescope. Take a look at some of Mike Sidonio’s images in our gallery and Peter Shah’s too, who just had to upgrade as soon as the AG12 was off the production line from his AG8. He knew what the AG8 was capable of and he then realised that the AG12 would be a stunning upgrade, his images are witness to that decision.


Primary mirror diameter: 300mm

Focal Length: 1140mm

Focal Ratio: f/3.8

Focus Distance To Image Plane: 79mm

Tube Weight: approx. 16kg

Tube Diameter: 350mm

Tube Length: 980mm

Tube Material: Carbon fibre sandwich

Secondary Size: 110mm

Mirror Cell: CNC Machined alum. 9 point suspension

Focuser: 3″ Crayford with 10:1 reduction

Corrector Design: 4 lens ED

Flat Field Size: >50mm

Spot Size on Axis: 1.7μm

Spot Size at Field Edge: 4.6μm

Mirror / Tube Cooling: 3 Controllable fans. Heaters optional

CNC machined alum. Cradles + Dovetail